Replacing Your Garage Panels Could Be Very Easy

Garage doors can be quite fragile — they have to be. The actual panels need to be lightweight to be so that they can be easily opened and closed by such a relatively small motor. That is, it would be very impractical to have a thick wooden or steel garage panel on a residential property. You would need to have an unreasonably heavy duty, loud, and high voltage motor to open and close your garage doors.

Repair Or Replace A Metal Overhead Door On Your Commercial Property

If your tow truck accidentally backed into your garage's metal overhead door and the metal surface is dented, you will need to have the door repaired or replaced. Assess the damage, attempt to make repairs, or seek the guidance of a contractor who designs and installs doors.  Visually Inspect The Damage And Make Repairs Before throwing in the towel and assuming that the door isn't able to be salvaged, visually inspect the metal surface.

4 Garage Door Maintenance Tips To Keep Yours Opening And Closing Properly For Years To Come

When it comes to home maintenance, the garage door can tend to be an overlooked part of the house. But you'll certainly wish you had paid more attention to it the moment it gets stuck while you're trying to park your car. If you want to keep your garage door in great condition for years to come, here are four maintenance tips that can help. Lube It Up Your garage door's moving parts are big fans of lubricating solvents.

2 Ways To Keep Your Garage Door Secure

When you have an automatic garage door, you can just arrange to have your door opened as you are pulling into your driveway so that you can just pull right into your garage and then get out of your car is the nice, dry, lit garage. But, you don't want to have that convenience as a tradeoff to have less safety. There are things that you can do that will help you to keep your family safe while still letting you have the convenience that you desire.