Repair Or Replace A Metal Overhead Door On Your Commercial Property

If your tow truck accidentally backed into your garage's metal overhead door and the metal surface is dented, you will need to have the door repaired or replaced. Assess the damage, attempt to make repairs, or seek the guidance of a contractor who designs and installs doors. 

Visually Inspect The Damage And Make Repairs

Before throwing in the towel and assuming that the door isn't able to be salvaged, visually inspect the metal surface. If there are minor knicks and scratches in the metal, a buffing pad or sanding disk can be used to remove the imperfections.

The pad or disk should have a slightly moistened surface so that either material will glide across the metal. Use a spray bottle to apply water to the pad or disk before moving the tool across the damaged metal. After treating the imperfections, remove scuff marks from the door's exterior by spraying the marks with a metal cleaner and moving a soft-bristled scrub brush or cloth over the damp surfaces.

If pieces of trim that run across the top or bottom of the door are bent or loose, use a hammer to flatten the pieces of trim that are bent and use a power drill to secure screws or other types of hardware that are loose. 

Learn About Doors And Receive A Quote

If the damage to the door appears to be extensive and you are unable to open or close the garage door, hire a contractor to examine the door and make repairs or install a new door. If the current door will cost a lot to repair and the cost of a new door is relatively the same, learn about some of the door styles that are for sale and request a quote.

The current door can remain intact until the new door is going to be replaced. If the damage has resulted in gaps around the edges of the door, secure a tarp over the door so that moisture does not enter the garage. 

Prevent Damage To The Door

After a new metal overhead door is installed, install a safety bar in front of the garage so that your tow truck or another vehicle will not be able to directly touch the door if you accidentally drive or back up too closely to the garage.

Another option is to park your vehicle further away from the garage than you used to. Keep the metal surface maintained by cleaning the door's exterior when dirt or other debris has come into contact with the metal. For more information, contact a company like Mid-South Door Co.