Three Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won't Open When It Should

Though a garage door system isn't very complicated, but when your garage door stops opening when it should, there are several different possible causes. Making sure your garage door opener has power, that your remote is synced, and that any broken or damaged parts are fixed can resolve your problem with little trouble.

Remote Isn't Transmitting

There are a few reasons your remote might not be transmitting properly. The battery could be dead, or there could be so little power remaining that the transmission isn't strong enough to reach the receiver unless it is very close. It could also be out of sync. Garage door openers operate on different channels, which is what keeps your remote from opening every garage you can see. If your remote isn't set properly, it won't trigger your door to open, even if it's otherwise working correctly.

Try troubleshooting by first changing the battery. If that doesn't work, follow the manual to re-sync your remotes. If you have an older garage door opener, you may have to set the dip switches on your remote manually to match those on your opener, which sets them on the same channel. If neither of these options works, the remote itself may need to be replaced.

Opener Lacks Power

Your garage door opener depends on a constant supply of power to stay working whenever it's needed. If, for some reason it isn't receiving power, then no part of the system will work until the opener is fixed.

Power problems can occur if there's a problem with the circuit your opener is installed on, such as a tripped circuit. Sometimes, minor issues can be corrected by simply unplugging the opener and plugging it back in. Check your circuit breaker panel to make sure nothing has tripped. If the circuit seems fine but the opener still won't work, the opener itself could be in need of repair or replacement.

To make sure your circuit is fine, try plugging something else into the same outlet your opener is using. If your circuit has tripped, it can be easily reset, but if the circuit keeps tripping, this indicates a potentially serious electrical problem that requires professional help to repair. If this is the case, don't reset the circuit until an electrician has inspected it.

Opener Gear Stripped

Garage door openers that use a chain drive system often have a gear inside the opener's motor that pulls the chain back and forth. Sometimes these gears are made of nylon, which means that over time, the "teeth" on the gears can start to wear down. When this happens, the gear isn't able to keep its grip on the chain; if this happens, even if the motor is working, the chain itself won't move.

The good news is that, when this happens, gears can usually be easily replaced. If you hear grinding sounds or any other signs that your opener is running when you use the remote, but the chain doesn't move or its movement seems erratic and jumpy, contact a garage door professional to inspect your opener and give it some repairs.

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