How To Figure Out What Is Causing Your Garage Door To Malfunction

Your automatic garage door may start to have trouble that appears to come out of nowhere. While the system is basic, there are small things that can happen that cause your door to stop working. A small pebble can get kicked up and stuck in your track, causing your door to stop and reverse direction. Issues with the power supply can prevent your door from opening or closing. A bumped photo sensor can make it impossible for you to shut your door completely. You might need to adjust the limit setting when your door doesn't shut, or make sure your tracks are in perfect alignment because that can prevent your door from shutting all the way.

Check the Power Supply

When your door opener doesn't engage, make sure that the opener is plugged in. Check that you have power going to your outlet, and make sure the circuit hasn't tripped. Try the wall unit if the remote doesn't work. If you have power and your opener doesn't make a sound, you may need to have garage door opener replaced. They last about 15 years, but burn out early at times when they aren't taken care of.

Look Over Your Tracks

Small bends in your track can make it impossible for your door to go up and down smoothly. If you accidentally back into one of the tracks, you can bend it just enough to make the tracks uneven. Look for debris in your tracks if the door stops in one spot. Check the brackets holding your tracks in place to see if they are loose. If you can't figure out what is going on with your tracks, call for garage door repair services to investigate the issue.

When Your Tension Springs Malfunctions

Your tension springs can become loose, causing strain on your opener as your door opens and closes. If your door is moving slowly, you could have a power problem with your opener or the tension springs could be loose. Don't touch your tension springs, as you can get hurt in the process. If your tension spring isn't holding your door, it is going to close part way when your door is all the way open.

Once you check your garage door over for any issues, call for help if you aren't sure what is going on. While you can remove debris from your tracks, you might need help replacing a track or repairing brackets.