4 Reasons To Upgrade Your Home's Garage Door

Do you have a garage door that is out of shape and in need of replacement? If so, you may be debating if you are ready to make this big household purchase. Here are some reasons to move forward with a home garage door replacement.

Improved Resale Value

It's possible that you can get a back some of the money spent on your garage door when you consider the potential resale value of it. A garage door, especially on a garage that faces the main road, will contribute to your home's overall curb appeal. A new garage door will make your home look new and appealing to potential home buyers rather than be a burden that someone sees as having to replace when they move into the home.

Improved Safety

When it comes to home security, an old garage door can be considered a potential weakness. It may be so out of shape that it is easy for someone to break in through the garage door, or there are no additional security measures in place that help prevent a break-in. Even things like deadbolts can prevent the door from being opened by someone that has access to a garage door opener. You can also add new security features to the garage door, such as windows that have shatter-resistant glass or an access panel that lets you open the door with a passcode.

Battery Backup

One problem with automatic garage door openers is that they do not work when you have a power outage. It results in having to manually open and close the garage door until the power is restored, which can be really inconvenient. When you install a new garage door, you can select an opener that has a battery backup with it. You'll retain the ability to easily get in and out of your garage, even when all your neighbors can't due to a lack of power.

Smart Access

Many new garage door openers come with modern features that allow you to open your garage door with a smartphone, making it easier to grant and revoke access to others as needed. You can also get push notifications about your garage door being left open, which will give you peace of mind that your home is secure at all times.

Convinced you now need to get a new garage door? Speak to a local garage door installation company for more info about having this job done.