Why Homeowners Love Fiberglass Garage Doors

Garage door replacement is a major investment, but one that can be well worth it. In the long run, new garage doors can make your garage more stylish and energy efficient. Of course, not all materials are the same, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. This article looks specifically at fiberglass garage doors, explaining why they are among the most energy efficient, stylish, and low-maintenance choices on the market today.

Fiberglass is Energy Efficient

Fiberglass is an extremely energy efficient products. In fact, much of the insulation used around your house, whether it be within the walls or in the attic, is made out of fiberglass. Of course, the fiberglass use for your garage door panels is thicker and more dense, but it has many of the same characteristics that make it a great insulator. Most fiberglass garage doors are actually hollow. Then, they are stuffed with further insulation inside the panel to fit the climate requirements. That is, the fiberglass doors you will need in a cold climate are going to be very different than those you will be shopping for if you live somewhere warm. However, it will look exactly the same on the outside. It is only the insulation and the glass panes (if you garage has any) that differ.

Fiberglass is Easy to Take Care Of

Too many homeowners, the best thing about fiberglass is that it is so easy to take care of. Not only is the surface largely fade resistant, it is also easy to keep up. You don't ever need to repaint fiberglass. The finish might wear off slightly over a long period of time, but it will hardly be noticeable. Even if paint wears off somehow, the fiberglass will still be completely waterproof.

Fiberglass is Stylish

It is also important to realize that fiberglass is a very stylish product. Most people want solid, neutral-colored garage doors. Finding a good looking white or beige fiberglass product is no problem. Even if you want a more stylish wood print, you can find plenty of fiberglass products that will fulfill your needs. Thanks to ever-advancing printing technologies, fiberglass products have detailed prints that have textures that match up with the wood grains on the surface. This means they look and feel very much like real wood. You'll probably be surprised how much a panel can look like real wood. Of course, it goes without saying that fiberglass is much easier to take care of than actual wood.

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