Options For A High-Tech Overhead Garage Door

Today's garage door is a far cry from the traditional manually-operated garage. Most modern-day garages not only open upwards, they also come fitted with an automatic opening mechanism. But this is just the bare minimum.

There are a lot more options that you can take to convert your overhead garage door into a high tech system.

Remote Access Opener

There is now technology that allows you to open, close and monitor your garage door remotely through a mobile app. You no longer have to spend your day worrying whether you left your garage door open.

Some openers come fitted with rolling code technology which changes the code after every use, for extra security. This ensures that code thieves have no time to use your code, even if they could find it.

Motion Sensor

This is a security device fitted along the path of the garage door to ensure that there is no object such as children or toys in its path.

Reverse Mechanism

This ensures that the garage door rolls back if it discovers an object in its path. This mechanism helps to protect children from injury.

Garage Monitor

Fitted with a movement sensor, the device detects movements in and around your garage and reports to you via your mobile phone.

Smoke Detector

Just like the other parts of your house, you can fit a smoke detector in your garage. This can be synced with other alarms in your house so that they all go off when smoke is detected in the garage.

Smart Lock

This device uses Wi-Fi to remotely lock and open your garage. It can also set time for opening and closing the garage. This feature is especially useful if you want to let people in and out of your home, in your absence.

It also keeps logs on door opening and closing activity. It comes with battery back-up in case of Wi-Fi failure.


A timer lets you set how long the door can remain open. After the period lapses, the door automatically closes. This feature will come in handy in case

you forget to lock your garage door.

Exterior Solar Powered Lights

These lights turn on when anything approaches the garage. This feature offers extra security especially when you return home at night, even when there is a power outage.

A modern overhead door is more than just an automatic opening and closing mechanism. High tech doors will offer greater security, convenience, safety, and security. Contact a company like Automatic Door Company for more information and assistance.