Tips For Choosing Your Home's Doors And Garage Doors

The garage door is generally the most visible feature of your home. Garage doors don't just make a statement about your home; they can also affect your home's curb value.

So whether your garage door is faulty, or whether you are looking to improve the appearance of your home, choosing the right door is crucial. Here are a few points to consider as you make your choice.


Garage doors have come a long way in terms of materials used to construct them. You can now choose from wood, steel, vinyl, Fiberglass and aluminum.

Wood is a popular choice for many homeowners because of its warmth and beauty. If you opt for wood, go for good quality hardwood such as mahogany and cedar. However, note that wooden garage doors will be subjected to harsh weather conditions such as rain, heat, and hail and will need care and regular staining.

Steel doors are durable and easy to maintain. Some steel doors are embossed with wood to give them the look and feel of wood and the durability of steel.

Vinyl, for the most part, is resistant to rust and dents, which will protect it from extreme weather conditions. It is also easy to maintain and does not rot, crack, or split.

If you love the contemporary look, then Aluminum doors are for you. They are sleek, clean, and modern. They also allow more light into the garage.

Fiberglass is also a more durable material than wood. Unlike wood, fiberglass will not crack or rot, but it will still need a touch-up from time to time.

Energy and Sound Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important consideration, especially if you use your garage as an extension of your living space. Garage doors come in single, double, or triple layer steel. Single layer steel offers no insulation, while double layer steel is lined with polystyrene and offers some insulation.

Triple layer steel doors have two steel panels filled with either polystyrene or polyurethane. Polyurethane offers better insulation and sound protection than Polystyrene.

Safety Features

Check your garage door for safety features such as pinch protection, auto-reverse mechanism, and motion sensors.


Accessories can make your garage doors easy to use and safe. Consider an automatic garage door opener, coded transmitters, and tablet- or Smartphone-controlled mechanisms.

Whether you are choosing a garage door or a front door, strength and durability, energy efficiency, maintenance cost, safety, and ease of use are key considerations. Get help from an expert when choosing your door, garage door opener, and other accessories.