Information For Homeowners With Garage Door Openers

Garage doors are pieces of hoes that are frequently more complicated than homeowners will anticipate, and this can lead them to be ill-prepared to make the changes that will be needed to correct routine problems. If you are to maximize the effectiveness of your house's garage door, you should consider reviewing the following few answers to routine garage door repair concerns and probes:

What Steps Can You Take To Reduce Drafts And Other Sources Of Energy Inefficiencies?

A garage door can be a major contributor to reducing the energy efficiency of your home. This is often through drafts that can form between the sections of the garage door panels. You can stop these drafts will weatherstripping, but you will need to reapply this stripping every few years if you are to keep it working effectively. Additionally, you can have the interior side of the garage door lined with a thick layer of insulation to further improve its energy efficiency. This will primarily be beneficial for homes that are located in areas that experience extreme high or low temperatures.

Why Would The Garage Door Jam When It Is Being Used?

You may eventually find that the garage door will start to experience jams when it is raising or lowering. These jams can be extremely inconvenient, and they can also damage the door's guide railing. Often, this problem can be attributed to a lack of lubrication on the moving parts of the garage door. Additionally, it can be possible for dust, leaves or other materials to also cause the moving parts of the garage door to jam. Regularly cleaning the guide rails and ensuring the entire system is sufficiently lubricated can greatly reduce the risks of these problems arising.  

What Should You Do If You Are Needing To Frequently Reprogram The Garage Door Opener?

In order to allow you to easily use the garage door, it will come with a remote you can keep in your car. Unfortunately, it is a common problem for individuals to need to regularly reprogram these remotes to keep them working. Often, this problem will be due to the batteries in the remote starting to lose their charges. If changing the batteries does not correct this problem, it could indicate that the internal hardware for the remote is damaged or faulty. Fortunately, a replacement garage door remote will be a fairly inexpensive piece to purchase. If you opt for a universal garage remote, you should check the packaging before buying it to ensure it will be compatible with your make and model garage door opener.