3 Ways To Tell If Your Garage Door Springs Are Broken

Your automatic garage door can be a lifesaver during the winter. Unfortunately, when it won't open or close, it can really have an effect on the rest of your day. Often times, the problem is your garage door springs. Here are three ways to tell if the springs are your problem this time:

1. There Was a Loud Noise Coming from the Garage

Did you hear recently hear a loud bang coming from your garage? If so, it could have been one of your springs. There is a lot of energy placed on a torsion spring, so when it breaks, all of that energy is released and creates an extremely loud noise that can startle anyone nearby.

As a general rule, you will walk out into the garage to look around, yet you won't notice anything amiss. You won't realize something is wrong until the next time you use the garage door and it won't budge.

Of course, if the spring that broke was an extension spring, then it will be visible the moment you walk out into the garage. This is because you will probably notice the spring as well as the cable either laying on the garage floor or hanging down. This is extremely dangerous because the safety cable is connected to the extension spring, so make sure to call a professional immediately.

2. Your Garage Door Will Not Open

If you are pressing the button on your garage door remote and the door will not open, then this is yet another sign that your springs may be broken. The garage door springs are designed to lift your garage door. So, if you are using the remote to open the door and it isn't budging or if you are trying to open the door manually and it will still not open, then there is a solid change that at least one of your garage door springs is damaged.

3. Your Garage Door Springs Are Old

Just like with all things, garage door springs have a life expectancy and will need to be replaced at a certain point in time. This point in time will vary depending on how frequently your garage door is used. However, springs are designed to last about 10,000 cycles (roughly 10,000 times). As a general rule, you probably open and close your garage door somewhere between three and five times per day, so you can expect your springs to last between seven and 10 years.

Of course, if your springs are not properly matched to the weight of your garage door, then the springs won't last that long. Therefore, your garage door springs need to be replaced every seven years and you need to consult with a professional, such as from Raynor Door Company, to ensure that you have the correct springs installed on your garage door to ensure that you aren't unnecessarily replacing them.